Sunday, April 29, 2007

Japanese looking to build/buy the F-22 (it's deja vu, again!)

As a former member of the DoD Team that journeyed to the Japanese Defense Agency (JDA) and tried to convince the TRDI not to waste time/money on the FSX fighter, but instead consider purchasing F-18 or F-16s, well let's just say I'm amused to see the recent Aviation Week article indicating the JDA now wants to build/buy the F-22.

(Readers will note that the FSX/F-2 Support Fighter was a marriage of convenience to cater to JDA/TRDI egos. Production has been cancelled after an abbreviated run, and the Japanese Self-Defense forces now have ~75 F-2's, an aircraft with F-16 performance that costs 3X as much. What a mess!)

Now the JDA (flush with cash) are looking to purchase/build the F-22. It's a great suggestion for both the US and the Japanese. It shares the risk and the cost. What a concept! Cooperation among allies on future weapons purchases.

Maybe the JDA is over their "not invented here" psychosis. Good job!