Saturday, May 19, 2007

New options for west coast travel

I fly between New York and Silicon Valley fairly often. This is a heavily travelled corridor, and the current service is typical of the US airline industry, by which I mean pretty dismal. I'm pleased to note that there are now two new options, both of which represent great value for consumers.

Jet Blue has two new options. 1) New flights into San Francisco, and 2) additional flights into San Jose. And as we all know, flying Jet Blue is always somehow just more fun.

Virgin America is now ready to fly! FINALLY! I can't wait. I used to fly Virgin Atlantic to Europe and they know what service means. Initial flights will include JFK-SFO. I personally think that in today's global economy, the US airline ownership rules are, well....quaint. Glad that VA has crossed that barrier. Looking forward to those in-flight massages.
Nice to have options.

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